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Roof Designs Residential Roofers Can Help With For Renovations

The roof renovations you are planning for your home can change the design. When you are planning these improvements, you will want to work with your residential roofer to choose the features and materials. The following roof designs are things a residential roofer can help with when renovating your home.

Contemporary Flat Roofs

A contemporary home design may be something that you are planning with your home renovations. These modern architectural designs often have flat roofs. If you are doing a second-story addition, flat roofs can provide you with the space your home needs. They can also give you options like rooftop decks and outdoor space. The flat roof design can also allow for lighter-colored roofing materials to be installed. This will give your home a cool roof system that reflects heat in the summer and reduces your energy costs.

Dormers and Roof Details

There may be various architectural features that you want to have added to the roof design. These details include features like gables, cupolas, and other features. Talk to your roofer about options to add these architectural details to your roof. The dormers and other features can be custom-built for your home, or you can use prefabricated systems. Most residential roofers will be able to install prefabricated materials when installing roofing materials on your home.

Clerestory Roof Designs

Another type of roof design that you may want to do for renovations is a clerestory roof. These are roofs that are divided by a wall. One slope of the roof is higher and allows for windows to be installed on the roof. This is a great design to allow more natural like into the interior of your home. It can also be a good solution for second-story additions and the windows that need to be installed in areas like bedrooms or other new space.

Gables and Hip Roofs

You may also want to change the roofline when renovating the design of your home. The main types of roofline designs are gable and hip roofs. You may want to combine and add hips and gables to give your home more of a custom look. You can discuss options to make these changes to your home with your roofing contractor. A skilled roofer will be able to make changes to the roof structure to give your home the new design you want.

The right roof will completely change the design of your home. Contact a residential roofer to get started planning the changes to your roof when doing renovations.