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The Residential Roofing Options To Upgrade The Design Of Your Home

If you want to change the design of your home, a roof installation can be a great investment. Roof systems can be much more than just the asphalt shingles that are installed on your home. Modern roofing systems can update the appearance of your home and provide practical energy improvements. The following residential roofing options will help you update the design of your home with a new roof:

Practical Roof Structure Changes             

The roof structure is one of the first areas where you may want to make changes. The structural changes that you need to make to your roof include removing water traps and improving the watershed. There may also be other minor improvements that you want to make to improve the design of your home, such as adding features like gables and architectural details. Talk to your roofing contractor about the best improvements to change your roof structure and reduce wear or damage. 

Energy-Efficient Roof Improvements

There are also energy-efficient roof improvements that can be made to your home. These improvements may start with the insulation in the attic. Updating attic insulation will reduce thermal energy loss and prevent problems with damage to your roof due to ice in winter. There are also options like energy-efficient underlayments and more efficient roofing materials that provide thermal barriers and reduce heat gain.

Renewable Energy Roofing Solutions

Modern roofing systems also include options to add renewable energy to the design. Today, solar roofing tiles are a popular solution to add energy systems to roofs. In addition to modern solar roofing, other renewable energy systems can be integrated into your roof design, such as adding a recessed solar water heater. You will need to work with the roofing contractor and mechanical service to create the recessed area in the roof structure.

Durable Roofing Materials

The roofing materials you have installed on your home can also be more durable. The roof materials that can be installed on your roof include shingles, metal, or tile-like materials. If you are replacing asphalt shingles, you want to make sure you use materials that do not exceed the structural loads that your roof can handle. 3D shingles and options like metal roofing will be the most durable solutions for the design of your home.

The upgrades that you do to your home with a new roof will improve its appearance with a practical design. Contact a residential roofing contractor to discuss these options for a practical and attractive roof design.