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3 Things That Must Be Addressed Prior To Applying Commercial Roof Coatings

Do you own a commercial property? If so, you likely want to avoid costly repairs. Many commercial property owners do not realize the importance of roof maintenance. Without it, roofs are at risk of needing repairs, and premature roof replacements are also a reality. One way to extend the life expectancy of a commercial roof is to apply roof coatings. There are special circumstances that determine whether a commercial roof is appropriate for a roof coating. The following points identify which qualities a commercial roof must have in order to be a good fit for a roof coating.


Most commercial property owners are eager to ensure that new roof installations are protected as soon as possible. This is an ideal thought process, and it is the reason shy commercial roofers recommend routine roofing inspections and inspections after severe weather events. However, roof coatings are not applied to new roofs or those that have been installed recently. The coatings are usually applied to older roofs that are in decent condition. This ensures that the coatings do not interfere with any unaddressed roof issues.

Condition of Outer Layer and Substrate

The outer layer of roofing and the substrate need to be intact. An inspection will determine if there are damages. A commercial roof repair will be required for any defects noted. This is because the roof coating will act similarly to a sealant. If the issues to the outer layer and substrate are not addressed, they will get sealed and the problems will still exist. The outer layer of commercial roofs is prone to physical damages, and the substrate portion is prone to moisture issues.

Ponding Water

Ponding is a sign of a drainage issue, and it must be addressed prior to a roof coating project. Issues with ponding are evidenced by water that settles in a pond-like fashion on a rooftop and sits for days despite clear weather. The drainage issue must be addressed because ponding water can weaken roof coating materials.

A commercial roofer is a good resource to use to understand more about roof coatings. They can inspect your commercial roof and determine whether it is in the ideal condition for roof coating projects. They can also make amendments to the roof to make it suitable. If the current roofing materials are not a good match for a roof coating project, they can inspect it and determine if there are other solutions they can implement to extend the life of your roof.

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