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How A Strong Storm Might Damage Your Shingle Roof And The Roofing Services You Might Need

Repairing storm damage is a roofing service you may need a few times over the life of your roof. It's important to get storm-damaged asphalt shingles repaired promptly or your roof might start leaking the next time it rains. Here are some types of damage your roof might have after a strong storm and the roofing services you may need.

Shingles Are Ripped Off The Roof

Missing shingles increase the risk of a roof leak, so they should be replaced as soon as possible. If your roof is fairly new, the underlayment under the shingles is probably still in good shape. If so, it provides a waterproof barrier that protects the deck of the roof even if the shingles are missing.

If the underlayment has deteriorated due to age, the deck of your roof is in danger of getting wet. Dampness leads to rotting, and then it won't be long until your roof leaks. A roofer can replace the missing shingles with new ones so your roof is fully protected.

Roofing Nails Get Pulled Out

When a shingle gets tugged by strong winds, the nails that hold the shingle down can get worked loose. Loose nails are a problem on your roof because they can damage the shingles above them. Nails can also come out completely and allow rain to seep into the nail hole.

A roofer can inspect your roof and look for signs of nail damage and missing nails so new roofing nails can be put in to hold the shingles securely.

Shingles Are Dented By Hail

The impacts from hail falling on your roof can cause a lot of damage to asphalt shingles. You'll want a roofer to check your roof and make recommendations for repairs. It's possible you'll need a roof replacement due to widespread hail damage even if your roof is fairly new.

Flashing Is Lifted Out Of Place

Flashing is usually held securely in place around your chimney and vent pipes with nails and adhesives. If the adhesive has deteriorated and is weak, strong winds might lift the edges of the flashing.

Loose flashing is easy to overlook, so it could be a serious threat. Rain might leak under the flashing for a long time before you realize there's a problem. Fortunately, loose flashing is easy to fix by gluing it back down. However, if the leak went on for a long time, the roofer might need to take the flashing and shingles off so the rotted deck can be replaced.