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Things You Should Tell Your Window Contractor Before They Start Working

Installing windows is not as easy as you might think. Window contractors put a lot of time and effort into selecting the right windows for a home and then installing them in a way that best suits the individual homeowner's needs. As such, if you experience these issues, you should share them with your window contractor prior to your installation appointment. 

Some of your windows have been leaking water.

If your window contractor came out to thoroughly look at every window before your project, then they probably know about this already. But it does not hurt to mention it anyways. If a window has been leaking water for a while, then the materials around that window are probably water damaged. This means your window replacement contractor may need to do some repairs and perhaps also let the area dry out before they can install the new window. By letting them know about the leaks in advance, you allow them to better plan for this time. They may decide to come and do a little work on the leaky window areas before your actual installation date, for example.

You're going to have your siding replaced soon, too.

If you plan on having your home's siding replaced in the next year or two, that's definitely worth mentioning to your window company. Depending on how your siding is laid out and installed, the window replacement team may have an easier time replacing the windows at the same time the siding is being replaced. They may suggest waiting to do your windows. If your window company also does siding, which many do, they may even give you a lower quote if they can do all the work at once.

You have trouble with finger and hand dexterity.

Do you have arthritis in your hands? Maybe you have carpal tunnel, trigger finger, or some other condition that makes your hands less agile. This is something your window contractor should know prior to your window replacement appointment. With this knowledge, they can recommend windows that are easier for you to open and close. For example, they might recommend sliding windows rather than casements, since sliding windows don't require you to turn a little crank.

If you share these things with your window company, they'll be better able to serve your needs. They want you to have windows that you're happy with, and being honest and open helps ensure that outcome. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as Coldstream Exteriors.