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Replacement Window Options To Makeover Your Openings

Investing in replacement windows can be an improvement that reduces energy loss and adds features to your home. In fact, investing in replacement windows can add real value to your home when going with custom styles. The following replacement window features are some of the options you might want to consider to update your home:

Changing the Grid in Replacement Windows

The grids of windows are the dividers that are installed between glass panels or on the interior of units. These woodwork details enhance the design of the windows and come in several different styles. If you are replacing existing windows with grids, you may want to change them with different styles or install picture windows that don't have any grids. There are even options for grids that give windows more open, clear glass in the center, and custom woodwork details around the edges.

Adding Built-in Treatments to Replacements

Often, when you install new windows in your home, the treatments are added separately. Today, this has changed with options for integrated window treatment features that can be added to replacement units. These can be blinds and curtain features integrated into the window's design, which can be on the inside of the window or protected between double pane glass.

Enhance Interior Designs With Trimmed Replacements

The exterior trim of an opening is usually left in place when the replacement is installed, but what about inside? One of the features that you may want to consider for your replacement project is installing replacement windows with interior trim. This is something that you may want to talk to your installer about when installing new replacement windows in your home. The new trim can enhance the interior design of your home with stylish woodwork. The interior trim may come with the replacement windows, or the contractor can finish the openings with new trim after the units have been installed.

Options for Glass Features in Replacement Windows

Another feature of replacement windows that shouldn't be overlooked is the glass. Today, there are options like low-E and double-pane glass materials, which can also be enhanced with special films. There are even options to have glass films installed that adjust automatically depending on the sunlight that hits them. This can enhance the efficiency of the windows and improve the natural light inside your home. 

The features you add to your home with replacement windows can provide improvements you may not have thought about. Contact a replacement window contractor to learn more.