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Leaky Roof? 3 Reasons To Consider Re-Roofing

A leaky roof can lower the quality of life in a home, and extensive leakage can make the house inhabitable. You have two choices to fix this problem. First, you could replace the entire roofing structure, including the support structure. It is like building the roof anew. It is hugely expensive and inconvenient. The alternative is re-roofing, which involves adding a layer of shingles on top of the existing roof. It is cheaper, quicker, and more convenient. There are several reasons to go for re-roofing to fix a damaged roof.

Lower Costs 

Re-roofing makes perfect sense when your roof has minor issues but is in good condition overall. For example, when less than 10% is damaged, it is more economical to re-roof instead of 100% roof replacement. Re-roofing costs a small fraction of what it would cost to replace the entire roof.

Re-roofing is the best remedy when the roof's support structure has not suffered extensive mold and mildew infestation. It also works if the water damage has not affected the structural strength of the timbers. 

Re-roofing restores your home's indoor comfort quickly since you are not working on the supporting structure. It is also convenient because you do not have to move out when work is going on. 

Boost In Curb Appeal 

The roof is the most visible part of a house from afar. Re-roofing with new shingles gives the impression of a brand-new house. It makes a strong impression on your guests and potential buyers, especially when combined with repainting the exterior walls.

Along with a boost in curb appeal is a boost in property value. The house will impress any potential buyer looking for value, even knowing that it is re-roofing and not a replacement. They know they will not be spending any money on roofing work soon.

You will easily recoup the money spent on re-roofing since prospective buyers are more amenable when they know they have avoided thousands of dollars in roof replacement. It also gives an impression that the rest of the house is in similarly good shape. 

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Today's shingles are made with energy efficiency in mind. If you have an old roof, re-roofing improves your home's energy efficiency. The house remains cool during hot weather and does not lose heat during cold weather. It means your central air conditioning does not work as hard as before, which reduces your power bill. If you are worried about environmental stability, re-roofing reduces your home's carbon footprint. 

Would you like to give your roof a new lease of life? Talk to a re-roofing company about your re-roofing ideas.