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Is It Time To Hire A Commercial Roofing Contractor? 3 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Pay Close Attention To

High winds, severe weather, falling objects, or wild animals may cause damage to your commercial roof. Once your roofing structure gets damaged, your commercial building's integrity becomes compromised and your employees are exposed to the elements. Therefore, as a business owner, you should never forget to pay close attention to your commercial roof's condition to help you know when it is in disrepair. If you notice any roofing problems when performing inspections, it is advisable to have them addressed by a skilled repair contractor before they escalate. Addressing your commercial roofing problems on time will protect your employees and your building's structural integrity. Taking immediate action will also help you avoid expensive roofing problems in the future. 

Here are three tell-tale signs it is time to hire a commercial roofing contractor: 

You Notice Stagnant Water on Your Commercial Roof

As a business owner, you may notice pools of water on your flat commercial roof after heavy rainfall. However, the stagnant water should evaporate after a few hours. If the standing water is not evaporating or draining as it should, your commercial roofing system may be failing. This problem can happen when your drains are clogged. You may also notice standing water on your commercial roof when it has saggy sections. As a business owner, it is advisable to have your roof inspected and repaired as soon as you notice this issue to prevent leaking, mold growth, or other problems. 

You Notice Mold Growth and Water Damage in Your Commercial Building

It is imperative to take action immediately if you notice water damage and mold growth in your commercial building. These problems may be triggered by a leaking commercial roof. You should have it examined by a skilled commercial roofing contractor to prevent further water damage and mold growth in your business. If you ignore these issues, you will expose your employees to respiratory illnesses and your merchandise to contamination and water damage. 

Your Gutters Are Sagging or Leaking

As a business owner, you should also have your commercial roof inspected by a skilled repair contractor if your gutters are sagging, overflowing, or leaking. Your gutters may be overflowing or drooping due to the accumulation of leaves, twigs, or other debris. Failure to remove these substances on time will accelerate your gutters' wear and tear, which may lead to severe leaking. Therefore, it is advisable to have your gutters cleaned and repaired by an experienced commercial roofing contractor to protect your commercial building's walls and foundation from water damage.

It is imperative to have your roof promptly repaired when you notice any of the signs of despair discussed in this article. Taking immediate action will prevent the above roofing problems from getting out of hand. Call an insured and licensed commercial roofing contractor, like CB Chandler Roofing, as soon as possible to repair your defective commercial roof and protect your building's structural integrity.