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5 Benefits Of 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

Most modern 3-tab shingles are made of asphalt and fiberglass mats, which together create a dependably waterproof shingling material that will work well on most roofs. There are many benefits provided by 3-tab shingles, which is what makes them so popular.

1. Affordable

One of the biggest selling points of 3-tab shingles is their low cost relative to other options. These are the least costly option for most roofing jobs, which is part of the reason why they are one of the most commonly seen roofing systems around. If you need an attractive and durable shingle but are on a tight budget, then 3-tab shingles are the way to go.

2. Light Weight

Weight is an issue on many roofs, particularly in areas where heavy snowfall can put a weight strain on roofing materials and supports. A 3-tab asphalt shingle is one of the lightest weight options you can choose for shingling over your roof, yet it is durable enough to support the weight of heavy snow easily. Other materials, such as tiles and some heavier luxury shingles, can put substantial stress on roofing supports. 

3. Quick Installation

There are a couple of reasons why a quick installation is desired. The most obvious is because it's less of a nuisance and life can get back to normal more quickly. Equally as important, though, is the more quickly a new roof goes on, the less risk of a weather event causing water damage to the home before the shingles can be laid. Asphalt 3-tab shingles go on quickly, with many jobs only taking a couple of days to complete once shingling begins. 

4. Color Options

Economical doesn't necessarily mean basic or limited. There are quite a few color options when it comes to 3-tab shingles, so it's quite easy to find a color you like and that complements your home. The popularity and wide availability of 3-tab shingles can also make it easier to match shingle color in the event you ever need to replace a few due to damage. 

5. Longevity

You can expect at least a couple of decades, and often more, from 3-tab shingles as long as regular maintenance is performed. Fortunately, maintenance is as simple as keeping the roof clean and making sure to check for damage at least once a year. Repair small damage quickly and the roof will serve you well for a long time before it needs to be replaced.

Contact a roofer in your area to learn more about the shingles options that are available.