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Roofers: They Get It You want a safe home. You want a warm home. And of course, you want an energy-efficient home. Do you know what can help you achieve all of these goals? Your roof. That's right, if you call up a roofer and tell them about your desires, they can recommend some roofing repairs or materials to help you achieve those desires. They may recommend a metal roof, or they might recommend adding zinc strips to the roof peak. It all depends. One thing we can promise, though, is that learning more about roofing is a good idea. This blog is a good resource, but we recommend looking for other ones, too.





Roofing Materials That May Outlive You

Having a roof replaced is not cheap. You also have to make space for a dumpster, let the neighbors know about the upcoming noise, and deal with the noise yourself for a few days. Yes, the roofers do most of the work, but you have to put in some effort, too. For this reason, it makes sense that you would not want to have a roof replaced more often than needed. And you really don't have to! In fact, there are a few types of roofing that may last longer than you do. In general, these three types of roofs last a long, long time.


Slate is a type of stone, which means slate roofs are literally made from stone. As you can imagine, stone is highly durable. It won't blow off your roof in high winds. It won't be damaged by hail, even the ugly, jagged kind that can tear apart shingles. Slate roofing is also highly impervious to rodents, insects, and other pests. In other words, slate roofing is basically impossible to destroy and can last a century. 

Slate does have a bit of a rustic, natural look, which doesn't fit with every home. However, it comes in all sorts of natural colors, such as earthy green and deep blue-gray.

Concrete Tile

Concrete is another really hard, durable roof material. It can be used to make roofing tiles, which are really durable. These tiles come in a range of styles, shapes, and colors. There are options that look nice on modern homes and others that are more traditional.

Concrete tiles are impervious to wind and pests. They can sometimes crack and become damaged by hail or tree branches. When this happens, a roofer can replace the damaged tiles. You can expect to get several years of use out of your concrete roof before you need to replace it again.

Clay Tile

If you like the idea of a tile roof, but you want a bit of a more natural look, then you may want to choose clay tile over concrete tile. These roofs are usually an orange-brown, terra cotta color. They are often found on a Spanish style home or a beachfront home. Like concrete tiles, they can last several years, are impervious to insects and water damage, and won't blow off the roof. Although, they can be a bit fragile and may not stand up to hail very well.

Can your roof outlive you? Absolutely! Choose one of the options above, and it likely will. For more information about the right type of roof to get for your home, contact a local roofing company near you to learn more.