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7 Types Of Roofing Services You Might Need For Your Roof

Some homeowners have little experience with roofing work. This can be a problem if your roof needs some work. The lack of experience means that you might not be able to identify exactly what your roof needs when you spot potential signs of aging or deterioration.

Here are seven types of roofing services that your roof might need.

1. Roof inspection

When you hire professional roofing services, the first thing they will do is perform a roof inspection to check the condition of all areas of your roof. During this inspection, a roofing service will check the condition of your shingles, gutters, flashing, and roof caps. They can then recommend the appropriate repairs.

2. Roof cleaning

Keeping your roof clean can extend its lifespan by several years. Sometimes, all a roof needs is a good clean. Roofers usually clean roofs using pressure washing to remove built-up dirt and moss from roofing materials.

3. Gutter replacement or repairs

When gutters don't function as they should, they can cause water to spill over onto the side of your home. Water may also pool on your roof if your gutters are blocked or in a state of disrepair. Both of these issues can cause costly leaks that damage the interior of your home. If your gutters look worn, you may need a roofing service to repair or replacement them.

4. Damaged shingle replacement

The granules on shingles help to protect those shingles from UV light, heat, and moisture. Over time, those granules can fall off, leaving your shingles bald and exposed to the elements. Your shingles may then begin to crack and curl, leaving the underlayment of your roof exposed. If your shingles are damaged, you need to hire a roofing service to replace them quickly.

5. Roof leak repairs

Roof leaks are difficult to spot from outside your home. You can spot roof leaks by examining your ceilings and the space in your attic. If you see discoloration and wood damage beneath an area of your roof, then a roof leak may be to blame.

6. Roof restoration

Sometimes, instead of replacing an old roof, you can repair it. Roof restoration involves the repair of a roof as a whole. During a roof restoration, a roofing service will repair and replace gutters, shingles, and parts of your roof that have deteriorated. This is cheaper than replacing a roof.

7. Roof replacement

When a roof has significant damage over a wide area, then the only option is roof replacement. If you aren't sure what your roof needs, then hire a roofing service to perform a roof inspection.