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Your Comprehensive Guide On Temporary Roofing Repair

The economic effects of COVID-19 have caused a huge strain on finances. If you're dealing with a damaged or leaking roof without enough funds for a permanent repair, you should consider temporary roofing repair. Temporary roofing repair refers to a short-lived solution for a damaged roof awaiting permanent repair. It's cheaper than a permanent repair, but it is only effective in the short run.

Understanding How Temporary Roofing Repair Is Done

Temporary repair is often done by applying sealer or spraying foam over the roof. Each method aims to cover the open roof area to prevent water or dust particles from entering the roof. Thus, it prevents further damage while offering protection.

During temporary repair, the expert begins by cleaning the roof layer at the affected area and allowing it to dry. The next step is to spray the foam or apply the sealant. After cleaning and leaving it to dry, the contractors will lay the patch down and use a hot air gun to seam it together.

How Much Will It Cost to Seek Temporary Roofing Repair?

On average, you'll pay around $300 to $1000 for temporary repair services. The main factor is the labor hours. Most contractors charge between $50-80 per hour. Here is an example of how companies calculate the cost:

  • Assume you seek the services of a contractor based in Chicago, and your home is in Cedar Lake
  • Your home is an hour's drive from Chicago, and assuming the company charges $70 per hour, one-way transport to your house will cost $70
  • Assuming it's a two-person job and the service is expected to take an hour, you'll pay $140
  • The drive back will cost you $70
  • Assuming the estimated cost of material used during the repair is $250
  • The service will cost a total of $530

How Long Can the Repair Last?

If correctly done, a temporary repair can serve you for a year, maximum. Therefore, it is essential to choose a professional company with expert services to enjoy the repair for a long time.

Is Temporary Repair Ideal for Any Roof?

Often people request a temporary repair, but on close examination, they find extensive damage on the roof which temporary repair cannot fix. The only sure way to determine if it's suitable for your roof is to have an expert come and inspect the roof.  

If you are facing budgetary constraints, you can seek temporary roofing repair services. It temporarily solves your roofing problem and buys you time to save for a major repair.