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3 Signs You Need Residential Roofing Services

Though many homeowners take their roofs for granted, your roofing is undoubtedly something that you should keep an eye on. That's because it plays a vital role when it comes to safeguarding your living space against weather elements. What's more, the roof protects the other parts of your home from damage. With that in mind, it's prudent to contact a residential roofing contractor if you notice any of the following signs:

1. Damaged Roof Shingles

As you perhaps already know, shingles serve as a water-resistant seal to prevent environmental roof damage. They come in a wide variety of materials, including clay, asphalt, and wood. However, no matter your type of shingles, they should be arranged appropriately to prevent roof leaks.

That said, it's prudent to examine your shingles after a windstorm or severe rain. If they appear cupped or curled, you need to contact a residential roofing contractor, lest the underlying roof components suffer serious consequences. The same applies if there are missing or cracked shingles.

2. Granules in Roof Gutters

Some shingles have mineral granules meant to keep water and ultraviolet rays at bay. However, these granules can wear out over time, and you are likely to see them in runoff water. The granules might also appear in your roof gutters after heavy rainfall. Though minimal granule loss is normal, you have reason to worry if the erosion seems excessive. Otherwise, it won't be long before your shingles develop bald spots all over.

3. Cracked Flashing

Flashing prevents weather-related damage by keeping the seams around your roof sealed. That's why cracked flashing can cause roof leakage, leading to major structural issues down the line. For example, the leaks can result in a mold infestation due to the increased moisture. There's no doubt that the mold can put your family's health at risk, more so for anyone living there who has asthma or any other respiratory problem.

Note that some homes have tar or cement flashing that is usually prone to cracking. Working with a trusted residential roofing expert can help you upgrade to a better option, such as metal flashing. That way, you will rest assured that your roofing won't be adversely affected, no matter the weather in your area. You will also enjoy peace of mind knowing that mold won't affect the health of your loved ones.

Considering how important your roof is, you should do all it takes to keep it in good shape. The signs discussed above will help you know when you need residential roofing services. Reach out to a local roofing company, such as Independent Roofing, to learn more.