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Fireplace Installation For Fireplace Conversion

A popular upgrade for many homeowners deals with the fireplace. If you own an older home with a fireplace, you likely have a wood-burning model. This option has several issues including the concern of emergency fire situations and finding wood to make it through colder months. For these reasons, you may want to convert your current fireplace. Converting from wood to gas will mean you need fireplace installation services. Here are a few of those services and what to know about them. 

Chimney Preparation

The first step in fireplace installation and conversion is to check the roof. Your roofing contractor will do a preliminary check to ensure that the chimney and the connection to the roofline is secure. This may mean replacing flashings as well as replacing chimney caps. If the chimney will no longer be used for exhaust, because you have chosen an electric option, the chimney will need to be sealed. If you will still be using the chimney for ventilation, your contractor will need to install a conversion kit. 

Chimney Conversion Kit

There are times when you may need a conversion kit for the chimney. This happens when there is erosion in the chimney or when the chimney material and vents are not suited for proper ventilation. These kits come in various options including kits specifically made for masonry conversions. Your contractor will determine which kit is ideal for your particular chimney, materials, and the type of fireplace you are converting from and to. 

Log Installation

If you choose to go with a ventless option, your contractor will do a fireplace installation that consists of a closed-in fireplace kit or appliance. It will also have the logs. This is included in many kits the contractors will have available or will use. The old logs and setup is removed from the existing fireplace. Any materials or linings will be installed and the new fireplace will be installed as soon as possible. During this step, you will be able to choose the types of artificial logs you want and if you want any upgrades to those logs including coloring and design patterns or options. For example, you may choose to go with a real oak-looking log set or pine depending on your decor and choices.

When you are ready to start the conversion from a wood-burning fireplace to an electric or gas fireplace, contact your local roofing contractor. They can help with the installation conversion as well as with any changes that need to occur with the roof for the chimney.