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Tips For Getting Wind Damage Roofing Repair Work

In the United States, there are about 100,000 thunderstorms each year. These storms are not only potentially harmful to people's safety, but they also create lots of property damage. For many homeowners, the roof takes the brunt of the damage. If you deal with wind damage to your roof, you will need to properly document the damage, and then take the right steps toward hiring a professional. The tips below will help you do that.  

#1: Take photos of the wind damage and get on the phone with your insurance provider

The first thing you must do is document the wind damage that your roof sustained. Survey the area around your home and take photos and videos of roofing parts that are scattered on the ground, broken shingles, and any direct damage that your roof sustained. Back up these files in a couple of locations and then call up your homeowner's insurance provider so that an agent can start the claim. During this claims call, you'll be asked to describe the damage and when the storm or other incident took place. From there, you can forward any media that you've taken. These videos and photos will also be handy when you're ready to hire a roofer to fix the damage. 

#2: Decide on which roofing company you want to hire to repair the wind damage

After you get off the phone with your insurance company, you'll need to contact a few roofers. Your insurance provider might refer you to some roofers in your area that will accept your policy. Check out resources like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and other such organizations so that you can find leads and read up on the best professionals in your area. After you have consulted with them and you have a certain measure of comfort in their skill and capability, you can take an estimate to help in your final decision. 

#3: Get estimates and move forward with your roofing repair project

Once you've gotten a couple of estimates, you can figure out which companies make sense for both your finances and your roofing needs. Storm damage for your roof might cost you $3,000-$7,000 or so. Decide how much your insurance will cover and whether you are going to pay with cash or get financing. Check with the roofing company to see how much time the roofing repairs will take so that you can make provisions for your living arrangements in the meantime. 

Consider these tips and speak to a local roofing company that can help you with your wind repair work, like T-Town Roofing.