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4 Mistakes To Avoid During Roof Replacement

Roof replacement projects are massive in scale, and a simple mistake can cost thousands of dollars. If you intend to replace your roof, here are several mistakes to avoid.

Ignoring HOA Regulations

If you live in a planned community that's governed by a homeowner's association, you might want to read their rules and regulations. In most cases, the HOAs are legal entities and can impose rules as they deem fit. 

Before you begin working on your roof replacement project, check if they have any regulations or limitations on the style, color, and materials. This will help you avoid frustrating battles with the HOAs that will likely lead to you replacing the roof again. 

Ignoring Structural Integrity 

You can't replace your roof without testing whether your house can support the new roof or not. The replacement roof might be heavier than the old roof. This means that you're adding extra load to your house without testing whether it can handle it or not. 

Keep in mind that you'll continue to live in this house or sell it after the roof replacement project. If the house can't support the extra weight, your new roof will likely cave in, which could cause injuries and destruction of property. 

Taking Shortcuts 

When dealing with a roof replacement project, don't take shortcuts. This is a major investment, and it's natural that you'd want to skimp on a few things to reduce the cost. Your roof is a long-term investment that will last for decades. Don't cut corners to save money, as it may end up costing more in repair, correction, and replacement costs. 

Ignoring Alternatives 

Replacing your roof will plug any roofing issues you have. However, it's not the only option available. In some cases, roof repair will suffice, and in others, re-roofing is good enough. Therefore, engage a roofing contractor before making a decision. They'll inspect your roof and help you make a decision. 

Also, replacing a roof doesn't mean you have to add a roof similar to the previous one. You can change the materials, styles, and even color. There are hundreds of options, including roofing materials that can last for decades. 

How to Avoid Roof Replacement Mistakes

Research and hire a qualified contractor to work on your roofing project. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any uncertainties or queries. Also, choose a roofing contractor that is reputable, experienced, certified, and insured. With this, you can avoid all roof replacement mistakes. 

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