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3 Important Elements To Check For In Your Roofing Repair Estimate

When planning a roofing repair project, comparing estimates from different roofing contractors is important before deciding who to hire. Here are the essential elements that every roofing repair estimate should include for ease of comparison.

Labor and Materials Needed

When undertaking roof repair, your roofing contractor needs to estimate the materials and labor needed for the project and how much they will cost. What materials will be used for the repair, and how many laborers will be needed for the job? While these details may seem unimportant to a homeowner, they are essential and determine the success of your project.

The estimate should include a "bill of materials" section, which clearly outlines the roofing material, specifics of accessories, for instance, ridge caps and the flashing. Countercheck that the materials listed match the materials you discussed with the company during consultation. 

The Scope of Work and Change Procedure

Estimates should include the scope of work, detailing what needs to be done and what will be used during the repair. For example, if you would like structural repair alongside the roofing repair, the details should appear here. Additionally, there should be detail on activities after a repair, like cleanup and disposal services.

The estimate should also have a detailed change procedure. What happens when the contractor comes to repair and identifies other underlying problems that need to be fixed before the repair? Or what should be followed when you change your mind about the roofing material you need to match your gutters? There should be a provision that outlines the procedure of making changes. 

Terms of Payment and Warranty Coverage

Your roofing repair estimate should clearly state the terms of payment for the project. Is there a down payment or any progress payments that you will be required to make before the final payment? 

Reliable roofing contractors will rarely ask for the total amount upfront before the service. Therefore, the estimate should have a clear outline of the payment schedule. What percentage should be paid as a deposit, and what should be paid on completion of the repair?

Warranty coverage is often included as an attachment. Does the contractor offer warranty for their services? For how long? Read the warranty coverage, what it covers, and see if it matches the consultation discussion.

Get an Estimate for Your Roof Repair Project

Although estimates from different companies may be worded differently, they should include the above essential elements. These standard elements make it easy for you to compare estimates and settle for a company that meets your needs. Contact pro for an estimate for your upcoming roofing repair.

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