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3 Things To Know About Gutter Guards

Are you tired of cleaning leaves out of your gutters and looking for a better solution? If so, you're likely considering gutter guards. Here are a few things you should know about gutter guards before you make a decision to install them on your home

Gutter Guards Come In Multiple Styles

There are a few different styles of gutter guards that you have to pick from. There is a screen style made with a wire mesh, which is the most basic form of gutter guard. It is attached to each side of the gutters, has big holes in the screen, and easily allows water to pass through. The next step up is very similar, but it is essentially a metal sheet with holes in it that goes over the gutters, which is going to hold up better over time. There are also full cover gutters that have slots where rain water can flow through.

You may have seen foam gutter guards that go directly into the gutter and prevent leaves from fitting into them by filling it with foam that can absorb water. Leaves can get stuck around the foam and deteriorate, which can actually lead to more clogs as a result. 

Gutter Guards Prevent Debris From Collecting In The Gutters

The main benefits of having those gutter guards installed is that they are going to prevent all of those leaves and debris from getting inside your gutters. You won't have to worry about leaves then getting into your downspouts, which can cause a problem if you have something like a French drain that the gutter water flows into. It will be much easier to get debris off of the gutter guard than to get it out of your downspouts and drains. 

Gutter Guards Won't Eliminate The Need For Maintenance

Be aware that having gutter guards installed on your house does not mean that you never have to maintain your gutters again. Since debris can still collect on top of the gutter guards, you may be stuck with debris on top of it that eventually needs to be removed. If you leave the debris there, it can cause your gutters to become damaged by the weight of the debris. It can also prevent water from flowing towards the downspout naturally. That said, gutter guards will still prevent the majority of debris from collecting in your gutters and reduce the amount of cleaning that is needed. 

Ready to have gutter guards installed on your home? Reach out to a roofing professional in your area, like those at Gutter Shutter SE WI, for their assistance. They can help with acquiring the correct material and can perform the installation for you.