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Filing For Roof Replacement With An Insurance Company: 3 Helpful Tips You Should Know

If the elements have significantly damaged your roof, you are probably wondering the best cause of action. Besides seeking the services of a professional roofing contractor to help with your roof replacement, you'll also be faced with the task of filing an insurance claim if you've taken a homeowner's insurance policy. If it's your first time dealing with your insurance company, you probably aren't aware of the documentation or claim process. However, to ensure that your claim is processed fast and your roof is replaced shortly after the damage, there are some useful tips you need to know.

1. Perform temporary repairs first before pursuing your compensation claim

If the elements have damaged your roof, you can request your roof replacement contractor to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home. However, once repairs are done, keep the receipts for all the supplies you have purchased and provide them to your insurance provider for reimbursement. It's also highly advisable that your roofing contractor performs a preliminary inspection immediately after the damage, as this will help validate what your insurance adjuster finds.

2. Know more about your policy

If you need to have your roof replaced immediately, file for compensation claim with your insurance company. Don't wait for too long, as you may end up voiding your claim. Additionally, when you contact the insurance company, provide them with details of what needs to be covered, including photos of the damage. If there are clauses in your insurance policy that you need clarification on, talk to your insurance provider before an adjuster comes to do an inspection and give a quote on what they'll pay for.

3. Inspect your roof after a storm

If your roof has suffered after a hurricane or severe hail storm, ensure that you inspect it for damages. Start by visually assessing for water damage in your home, then move outside and check whether there are any missing or loose shingles. If there are signs of damage, seek the help of a roof replacement professional who'll check the extent of the damage and advice on what needs to be done. 

Damage to your roof can be stressful even if you have taken homeowner's insurance. Before your roof is replaced, you'll need to do follow-ups with roofing contractors, insurance adjusters, and in some cases, your mortgage company. Follow the few steps highlighted in this guide to ensure that your roof replacement is done quickly and professionally.