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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Solar Power Installed

Solar power has been around for a surprisingly long time now, with early developments happening midway through the 19th century. Many American's already have some solar panels installed on their homes and famously they were even on the Whitehouse in the '70s (and put back just recently). If you have been taking a more of a "wait and see" approach to solar and haven't wanted to be one of the early adopters then luckily, now is your chance to get involved. Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to call solar services and get yourself a brand new solar system that can power your home for decades to come.

More Efficient

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to solar panels. In the past, it took a lot more coverage to achieve the power output that can now be found on any ordinary home's roof. As technology has gotten better, solar panels have become far more adept at converting even minute amounts of light into power. That means they can still work when it is cloudy, under trees, and far later into the evening than they did before. Overall, this means that you save a lot more energy and can use your solar panels to save more cash. 


Perhaps one of the most important developments with solar energy is the development and improvement of batteries. It might not seem like such a big issue, but for a long time there was very little you could do to store electricity generated by your solar panels. You needed to use it at the exact moment it was created. Now, solar batteries can store a lot of power, which means you can use the power you generate during the day well into the night. This will save money and also make sure that you don't waste all that free power.

More Options

Solar services can now install solar panels almost anywhere, and there are even different options for things like hot water units. There have never been so many options for consumers to choose from, both in terms of brands and the actual contractors who install the solar infrastructure. That means there is more competition, and you can find better quotes than you could in the past when only a few contractors could actually offer solar services. Solar has truly been adopted as the path forward by millions of Americans, so don't get on the train too late!