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Does Your Tile Roof Need Repair? 3 Obvious Signs

Tile roofs are quickly becoming a preferred roofing material compared to asphalt shingles. Whether made of concrete or clay, they can last decades when cared for. As such, they will require regular maintenance to guarantee they last their full lifespan. Below are several signs you should look out for to decide whether your tile roof needs repairs.

Cracked or Chipped Tiles

Tiles can break or go missing for various reasons, with a few culprits including heavy rain, strong winds, falling tree branches or limbs, and even cracking due to age. Failure to rectify cracked or missing tiles exposes your underlayment to the sun, compromising the integrity and deteriorating the material. This will then allow water to penetrate through the roof's protective layer and lead to water damage. Cracked tiles should be replaced by an expert roofing contractor as soon as you notice the problem. 

Damaged Underlayment

The underlayment acts as a protective layer of the roof, preventing water from seeping into the roof deck. When the roofing tiles crack or go missing, it exposes the underlayment to wear and tear from the harsh weather. Regular maintenance is essential in preventing such damage because you can spot exposed areas and fix them immediately. Dealing with minor issues is less expensive than waiting for extensive damages that force you to replace an entire roof section. However, if the underlayment has extensive decay or looks too old, it needs replacing to keep it from causing extensive damage to the roof.

Stains on the Walls and Roof

Staining on the roof and walls often signifies that your roof tiles need repairs. Dark water stains result from water leaking into the roof and eventually into the walls. Inspecting the roof consistently can help you detect water damage before it affects the structural integrity or causes severe harm to your home. Hiring a professional roofer to make scheduled inspections is always a good strategy, and it can save you money in the long run.

Tiles are a useful roofing material thanks to their durability and superior quality. That said, your roofing system could become defaced when the tiles break due to falling debris or exposure to extreme elements. Consistent inspection and maintenance from a professional roofer—such as Amcon Roofing—will help detect broken tiles and replace them as soon as possible to help prolong the roof's lifespan. Hire one today to guarantee your investment is well protected to serve you as long as possible.