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How To Construct A Commercial Roof That Is Hail-Resistant

Hail can be highly destructive to a commercial roof and the equipment found on the roof. Your commercial building might have a large surface area and this can lead to countless areas that could be damaged by heavy hailstones. You'll want to consult with a commercial roofing construction contractor about how to protect your roof.

Why Hail Causes So Much Damage

The worst hailstorms occur in the midwest. Hail can cause substantial damage to a commercial roof. Not only that but if your roof has already been damaged, the hail will cause the damage to worsen and the deterioration of your roof to accelerate.

How a Hail Test Is Performed

When a commercial roofing construction contractor is building a roof that is resistant to severe hail, it will need to pass the hail test. This involves dropping a steel ball on the roof. Then, the testers check to see how well the roof is able to handle the impact. Another approach is to use a preformed ice ball and launch it at the roof using compressed air. There might be several other tests performed as well.

After the tests have been performed, the commercial roofing construction contractor will inspect the roof to determine if any damage was done. They will look for issues such as delamination or dents. If they discover that the roof has been damaged, they will know to make changes to the composition of the roof so that it will be more resistant to hail and so your building will be able to survive the most severe hailstorms. 

Constructing a Hail-Resistant Roof

One way to protect your roof from hail is to have a commercial roofing construction contractor install an insulation board. This is meant to act as a shield against both hail and heavy winds.

The type of material you use to construct your roof will also determine how well your roof will survive a severe hail storm. You might combine a built-up roofing system with a modified bitumen system because this will make your roof as durable as possible. 

Hire Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors

Even with the right materials, what matters the most is that your commercial roof is installed by a skilled and professional commercial roofing contractor. When your roof is properly installed, you won't have to worry about defects in your commercial roof leading to areas of your roof exiting that are vulnerable to heavy hailstones.  

Contact a local commercial roofing construction company for more information.