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Telltale Signs Your Asphalt Shingles Require Replacement

Roofs can take severe beatings due to climatic changes and constant exposure to different environmental elements. This is why experts recommend that you regularly schedule inspections to recognize signs of damage and handle the replacement as soon as a problem arises. If your home's roof is made of asphalt shingles and you don't notice damages on time, you may face problems like leaks, mold, or rot. Such roofing problems weaken the structure, affect aesthetics, and reduce property value. Learning how to identify and address problems with your asphalt shingles can ensure all the occupants are protected from environmental elements. Here are signs roofing shingles need professional attention.

Shingles Have Curls or Concave Centers

If the shingles have cupping (bowl-shaped centers) or the edges are raised, you should get in touch with your roofer immediately. Damages like these occur due to heat exposure if the attic isn't properly ventilated or roof material aging. The cupped shingles will form a bowl, meaning all forms of precipitations will not slide off the roof. Instead, the water will sit on the top, accumulate, and eventually leak into the attic. The damages you will incur due to the cupped or curled shingles can cost a lot to fix. It's better to replace these damaged shingles to avoid costly damage inside your home.

Shingles Have Cracks

One of the things you should know before installing asphalt shingles is that they can expand and contract when temperatures change. Since most areas experience cold and hot temperatures due to season changes, the roofing material will wear out. Cracks will start to appear on the shingle surfaces, making it difficult for these roofing materials to provide maximum protection. Elements like water will start to seep into the material, causing damage to the decking, underlayment, or attic. If you do not replace the roofing materials, the water will get to the ceiling or walls. Invest in shingles replacement immediately you notice cracks.

Some Shingles Are Nowhere to Be Found

If you get powerful storms in your area, the shingles can be ripped off, exposing the underlayment. Intense snowfall can also damage the shingles, and some may go missing. Failing to fix such a bare roof spot quickly will cause roof leakage issues. Elements like dust, leaves, and dirt will also accumulate on the decking or underlayment. Once you realize shingles are missing, call your roofer to inspect the roof for other damages and replace the lost roofing materials. Also, the loose asphalt shingles will require fastening.

Calling a roofer to fix these damages will ensure your roofing functions optimally regardless of the weather condition. So, act fast and only hire a seasoned roofing company for proper material replacement.

Reach out to a roofing company near you for more information.