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What A Roofing Contractor May Need To Do When Rats Or Raccoons Get In Your Attic Through The Roof

If you've been hearing noises in your attic, you may have a problem with rats or squirrels. You may need to call an animal trapper to get rid of the animal pests, and it's a good idea to call a roofing contractor too. Squirrels and rats often gain access to your attic through your roof, so if there are holes gnawed through your roof, you'll want a roofer to find and repair them as soon as the animals are gone. Here's what your roofer may need to do.

Inspect The Roof

It's not likely the animals caused widespread damage since they tend to use the same holes all the time. However, the fact that rats could gnaw through your roof might mean your roof already has water damage, missing shingles, or rot. If your roof is in bad enough shape, your roofing contractor might recommend a roof replacement. If your roof is still in pretty good shape, they will plan the repairs that need to be done.

Cover Holes In Dry Wood

If rats chewed holes through dry boards or the dry deck, the roofing contractor might patch the holes with pieces of metal to discourage further chewing. The metal can be placed on soffit or fascia boards in a way that they're hidden from view. If that's not possible, the roofer might replace a board so the metal patch won't show.

Replace Water-Damaged Wood

Animals are sometimes drawn to water-damaged areas of the roof since the wood is soft and easy to gnaw through. These areas need to be replaced whether there is a rat problem or not. The roofing contractor can take out a rotted board or cut the rotted part of the deck out. Then a dry board or a deck patch can be put on the roof.

Put On New Shingles

To get to the deck, the roofer has to remove the shingles and underlayment. Once the deck patch is in place, new underlayment and shingles can be put on. The roofer will also replace or repair other shingles that rats chewed on or lifted so all the shingles are flat against the roof and not leaking.

In addition, your roofing contractor might talk to you about preventing future problems with rats and raccoons. You might need to trim tree branches far from the roof so animals can't jump on your roof from nearby trees. Also, you'll want to work with a pest control professional to get rats under control if they're multiplying on your property so the rats won't return to gnaw on your roof or do other damage to your home.

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