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2 Questions To Ask Hiring A Service To Replace The Roof On Your Commercial Building

Whether you have just purchased a commercial building or have owned one for a while, you may have discovered that the roof is starting to look worn out. Because you are concerned about water leaks, you may have decided that you should go ahead and have a contractor replace it.

When you first speak with a roofing service, you should ask questions to gather as much information as possible about them. If you are not sure what you should ask, use the questions discussed below to help get you started when you first speak with a service about replacing the roof on your commercial building.

1. Does the Service Only Perform Replacements on Commercial Structures?

One question you may want to ask when you first contact a roofing service is whether they only perform replacements on commercial buildings or also work on residential properties. Even if they do work on residential roofs, they should ideally primarily focus on commercial structures.

The reason why you should choose a roofing service that works mostly on business buildings such as yours is that the materials and systems are often quite different from those that are installed on houses. If they primarily replace commercial roofs, they will have more experience with these materials and systems.

2. What Type of Roofing Material Does the Roofer Recommend for Your Business's Building?

Another question you should ask when first speaking with a commercial roofer is to seek out their recommendations for your business building's roof. When asking this question, describe the shape, slope, and overall structure of the roof to give them an idea of what they will be working with.

If the building has a flat roof, for example, they may recommend single-ply membrane roofing or spray polyurethane foam (SPF) as an affordable, waterproof option. If the building has a sloped roof with several peaks, however, they may suggest that a metal roof would be more appropriate.

When it comes time to replace your business building's roof, you should ideally choose a service that primarily works on commercial structures since the materials and types of roofing systems used are often different from those used on residential buildings. When you speak with the roofer, you should ask what type of material they recommend for your roof's slope, shape, and structure, such as metal roofing for a steep slope or single-ply membrane roofing for a flat roof. Contact a commercial roofing service in your area to speak with a representative for more information.