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3 Ways Roofing Contractors Can Help You If Your Commercial Establishment Has Malfunctioning Gutters

Gutters are crucial for any commercial establishment because they keep the roof and walls from becoming damaged by rain. If your establishment's gutters aren't working well, water can accumulate on the roof and seep into the soffits and facia, causing damage to the structure. Gutters can malfunction due to various reasons, such as debris build-up, wildlife nesting in them, or due to a weak seal. Roofing contractors are experienced in fixing broken gutters and getting them back in working order. Here are three ways they'll assist you if your establishment has malfunctioning gutters:

Gutter Cleaning and Unblocking

When a commercial establishment's gutters are blocked with dirt and debris, they won't do their job effectively. Instead, they'll cause water to accumulate on the roof or overflow onto the walls and cause damage. This can affect your establishment's appearance and your employees' and customers' safety and comfort. Roofing contractors have specialized tools and know the techniques for safely and effectively cleaning gutters. They'll unblock your establishment's gutters, ensuring they're free from obstructions such as leaves, foliage, debris, and twigs. When they're done, your gutters will be able to drain water properly, and your establishment will be safe.

Gutter Repair and Replacement

Several things can damage your building's gutters. Some common ones include heavy winds, snow, hail, birds, and wildlife. Depending on the extent of damage, they may need to be repaired or replaced. Roofing contractors are experienced in assessing gutter damage and recommending solutions. For example, if they find out that your establishment's gutters have a crack or hole, they may recommend a repair. If your gutters are aging, they may suggest replacing them with new ones. If replacement is the best option for your situation, they'll help you find the right material, depending on your budget, building's architecture, and region.

Gutter Protection

To protect your establishment's gutters from becoming blocked or damaged in the future, you may need to install gutter protection systems. Various types of gutter guards are available, including mesh and solid covers, brushes, and foam inserts. Most of these systems are designed to keep out dirt and debris while allowing water to pass through easily. Roofing contractors are experienced in installing these systems quickly and correctly. They'll also help you select the right one for your establishment based on your roof's structure and your region's climate.

Having well-functioning gutters on your commercial establishment is essential for protecting it from water damage. If you discover that your building's gutters are not functioning correctly, contact a roofing contractor. They'll recommend the best solutions to keep your gutters in top condition. If your gutters are functional, you can be sure that your building will be safe from water damage, and that your employees and customers will be happy and comfortable.