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Less-Common Roof Problems And How They're Addressed

As a homeowner, you are probably familiar with common roof problems, such as missing shingles and hanging gutters. Most of the time, when there is something wrong with your roof, it will be something along these lines. But these are far from the only roof problems you may encounter over the life of your home. Here's a look at some less common roof problems and how they're typically addressed.

Items Penetrating Your Roof

Sometimes, an item may crash down and through your roof. This typically only happens during a really harsh windstorm, blizzard, or hurricane. The item may not just penetrate the shingles, but also the roof deck, which is the layer of wood beneath the shingles. To address this problem, a roofer will typically pull the item out. They'll then remove the shingles from the surrounding area to expose the roof deck and assess the damage. They can pry up and replace the damaged section of the roof deck, re-shingle that area, and call it a day.

This is a pretty extensive repair. If your roof is otherwise starting to deteriorate, your roofer may just recommend having the roof replaced.

Frosted Nails

If you go up into your attic on a cold day, you might see some frosted nails poking through the attic ceiling. These nails were meant to be embedded in the roof beams, but the roofer missed and drove them straight through the roof deck. They get frosty when it is cold out. Then, the frost melts and drips, causing water damage in your attic.

A roofer can remove frosted nails and drive in some new nails in the roof members near them. This will keep your shingles secure and prevent future leaks. 

Missing Gutter Aprons

Gutter aprons are pieces of metal that fit on the edge of the roof and direct the water to flow off the roof, into the gutter. They can get pried off the roof by strong winds. If one is missing or is only partially attached, call your roofer. They will either nail down the existing gutter apron or put a new one in place. Don't overlook the need for this repair; doing so could lead to further roof damage.

While most roof problems do come down to missing shingles or the like, this is not always the case. Keep an eye out for the problems above, and contact a roofing service to address them if you do notice them.